Make an entrance

14th September 2017
Make an entrance with balloons

How many times have you been to an event or party only to wonder if you are at the right venue as there aren’t any visual signs or if there is, it’s usually just 3 small balloons tied to the door or to the homes gatepost. In this blog we will be telling you about the importance of getting your event off to a flying start by the use of decorating your entrance correctly.

There are three main areas that people need to decorate for their event.

The Entrance
The main area of the event (Dance floor)
Other areas (cake table or bar)

We will be covering the other areas in later blogs but this time is about the Entrance.
Many people will just concentrate on the inside decorations and forget about the entrance. Having decor at the entrance to the event tells your guests “Come on in! This is where the party is!” and enhances the magic of the event. This can be achieved with the use of balloons in the form of columns or arches. If your event has a theme then this can carried to the entrance decor as well.

Imagine a sweet themed event with a giant arch that looks like popcorn flowing from 2 boxes

or using simple arches in white can be transformed into an ice tunnel for a winter wonderland party.We can also personalise balloons with your company logo or event title.
At Balloons by Danny Marino, we can work with you to create the decor to take your event to the next level.